Max-Clean Maintenance/Range Box

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The All New Max-Clean Maintenance/Range Box encompasses a multitude of features including a detachable top compartment with multiple storage spots for brushes, jags, patches etc. as well as two removable trays, an inbuilt rubber coated adjustable gun rest for cleaning your rifle which includes x3 cleaning rod holding stations, a deep bottom compartment for storage of ammunition, earmuffs and other large accessories, dual secure lock clips and an easy-grip carry handle.

With this must have range box, you will now be able to store all the critical firearm accessories you need, all in the one place!


  • Detachable Top Compartment with Removeable Trays
  • In-Built Gun Rest
  • x3 Cleaning Rod Holding Stations
  • Deep Bottom Compartment
  • Dual Secure Locking Clips
  • Easy-Grip Carry Handle
  • In-Built Gun Rest Covered in a Soft Plastic Coating
  • Durable Plastic Construction

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