Youth C110 Compound Bow Kit Camo 15-20lbs inc. Arrows

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This high quality all new youth C110 compound bow features a stunning Camo finish, with a 15-20lbs draw weight which is ideal for short range target shooting and small game hunting and perfect for the younger generation and beginners to learn the art of archery.

Features & Technical Specs:

  • Draw Weight - 15-20lbs
  • Draw Length - 15-20"
  • Weight - 1.27kg
  • Axle to Axle - 26"
  • Brace Height - 6"
  • Let Off - 65%
  • Colour - Camo
  • Package Includes - Compound Bow, 4 Arrow Quiver, Arrow Rest, Cable Guard, x4 25" Arrows, Pin Sight, Finger Stall, Bracer, Arm Guard, Finger Tab and Set-Up Instructions
2 Year Warranty