Max-Hunter Big Game Traditional Leather Gun Sling with Ammo Loops

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This traditional style all leather sling boasts a stunning brown padded design for added comfort as well as adjustable straps to suit nearly any person and any firearm. Named the Big Game, this sling is designed for the toughest outdoor situations, from outback Queensland to African Big Game Hunting.

The traditional style sling is fitted with leather "thong" ends which are effortlessly attached to any sling swivel, creating an easy and quick way to fasten and detach the sling to your rifle before, during, and/or after a hunt.

It also features three ammunition loops suitable for .223 to .30-06 sized cases to ensure extra rounds are available quickly if needed. No need to rattle around in our pockets, just simply slip the rounds out and into the gun! 

This lightweight sling will provide you with endless comfort during the hunt and will reduce arm strain from carrying heavy rifles on long stalks or while tracking wounded game.


  • Lightweight Padded Design
  • Material - Leather
  • Model - Big Game
  • Features Three Ammo Loops (fits .223 - .30-06)
  • Includes Leather Thong Ends
  • Adjustable
  • Reduces Strain on Arms and Shoulders
  • Colour - Brown
2 Year Warranty