Parker Hale Express Gun Oil (125ml), Universal Silicone Cleaning Cloth & Napier Gun Grease

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Express Gun Oil has been specially developed by Parker Hale for the lubrication of guns and rifles and is suitable for all climates and conditions. It is made from a light mineral oil, and although designed for guns and rifles, is also highly suitable for many other uses requiring a high grade, light lubricating oil. It combines penetration, rust inhibition and cleaning power with the correct viscosity to make it the first choice for gun enthusiasts.

Coupled with the Parker Hale Universal Sportsman's Cleaning Cloth which is a flannel cloth that actively polishes, cleans and coats the surface with a protective finish to provide the ultimate safeguard from rust and deterioration, you will be fully set up to keep your treasured firearms clean and ready for their next use. 

Also included is the Napier VP90 Gun Grease, which exceptional when applied to moving parts of the any firearm, and ensures a reduction in wear and tear on metal parts. 


  • Gun Oil Size - 125ml Drop Tin
  • Gun Grease - 25ml Easy-Dispense Squeeze Tube


2 Year Warranty

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