Max-Clean 3.5L Electronic Case Tumbler with Corn Cob Media

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The new Electronic Case Tumbler offers a fast, dry media case cleaning solution which functions by sending frequent vibrations through the cases inside, loosening any dirt or residue providing a thorough clean for primer pockets, flash holes and inside the case itself. 

Coupled with the Treated Corn Cob Media, the tumbler will quickly and effectively polish and clean the inside and outside of tarnished and dirty unprimed cases.

After a run through your tumbler, your cases will be polished, clean and ready for reloading.

Case Tumbler Features:

  • Bowl Capacity - 3.5 Litres
  • Fits approximately x600 9mm cases or x250 .223 cases
  • Quiet, thermally protected motor
  • Removable lid with internal seal
  • Enhanced springs
  • 220 Volt Australian compatible plug
  • Colour - orange and black

Corn Cob Media Features:

  • Treated Corn Cob
  • Capacity - 5lbs (2.25kg)
  • Can recycle for multiple cleans
  • Works in any vibratory tumbler
  • Supplied in an easy-pour resealable container
2 Year Warranty

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